Monday, 22 August 2016

Display Inspiration Series:3: You've been framed!

Upcycle dated photo frames into custom earring stands

I always see lots of old photo frames in charity shops. They are often made from dark wood and sometimes are without glass. They can be picked up from as little as 50p and, with a bit of work, can be transformed into pretty earring frames.
Keep you eyes open for lace tablecloths in charity shops too. They might have tea stains but that doesn't matter if you are going to be cutting them into pieces!

You will need:

Wooden photo frame
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (White and Henrietta)
Annie Sloan wax
Soft cloth
Lace tablecloth
Staple gun and staples
Washi tape

Step by step...

1. Remove the glass and backboard from your photo frame (if they have them). Lightly sand to roughen the surface.

2. Apply a little candle wax to areas of the frame. This will give the paint a flaky finish by preventing the paint from adhering properly to the waxed area.I wanted some dark areas to show through the finished paint but you can paint the frame with white chalk paint first before applying the wax if you want a lighter overall finish.

3. Paint the frame with a layer of white chalk paint and leave to dry.

4. Apply wax to the frame and leave to dry. Once dry, buff with a soft cloth.

5. Paint the frame with pink chalk paint and leave to dry. Apply more wax and buff once dry.

6. Using fine sandpaper, gently sand areas of the frame to give a distressed effect. Where the candle wax was applied, the paint should have a flakiness which you can encourage with the sandpaper for an even more distressed finish.

7. Once you are happy with the finish, apply one more layer of wax to protect.

8. Cut a piece of lace tablecloth slightly larger than the frame. Staple one edge to the back of the frame then stretch the lace taught and staple the opposite edge. Repeat with the other two sides.

9. Trim any excess material from around the edges of the frame and secure any raw edges by adding a washi tape border.

10. Load your frame with earrings!

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